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Widodos visit to Australia comes less than two months after military ties were suspended, an event that sparked a minor diplomatic spat doctor home loans Oak Laurel 0430129662 and led to an apology from Australias army chief in February. Military cooperation between the two countries has ranged from joint training and counterterrorism cooperation to border protection. The insulting material suggested that Indonesia's Papua province should be independent and mocked the nation's state ideology. Indonesia and Australia have a history of patchy ties, but both leaders were keen on Sunday to emphasise their commitment to a strong relationship. That robust relationship can be established when both countries have respect for each others territorial integrity, non-interference into the domestic affairs of each other and the ability to develop a mutually beneficial partnership, Widodo said. While the primary focus of the visit was on security and economic issues, including the finalisation of a bilateral free trade deal by the end of the year, talks doctor home loan program Oak Laurel touched on tourism, cyber security and social links. Widodo met Australian business leaders on Saturday, telling them that investor confidence in Indonesia was strong and reassuring them that Indonesia was a stable country in which to do business. Following one-on-one talks, Turnbull said tariffs would be cut for Australian sugar and Indonesian pesticides and herbicides. He also praised changes to the export rules for live Australian cattle. Two-way trade between Australia and Indonesia was worth $15.3 billion in 2015-16, according to Australias Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Widodo said he was confident that a free trade deal would be finalised this year.